I teach sales professionals to listen with their eyes and speak with their body!


Recently I sold my car for $13,000 to the first buyer who looked at it, all because I noticed the way his hand was embracing the roof of his future car, like it was already his. He said, “I don’t even like this car that much” but what he said didn’t matter because his body language gave him away – in his subconscious already owned the car.


Body language may be the most important piece of the sales puzzle that is only understood by a few people. 


If your sales team doesn’t know the language that is being spoken to them every day and by every potential client they meet then they are leaving money on the table and losing sales.


Learning the language of the body will pay you back in higher margin deals and more closes.

Your workshop could look like this!

...or that!                                                  ...or this!

The good news is that we can improve our ability to assess a client’s true emotions and attitudes by learning to read their unconscious nonverbal signals (tells). 

Our mission is to equip sales professionals with the skills needed to effectively read your client's body language and to master your own non-verbal to communicate purposefully.

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