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As a sponsor of the local chapter of Financial Executives International, I attended a meeting at which you gave a presentation on body language. Your opening question to the group was about our own assessment of our ability to read body language. That hooked me immediately, since I didn’t think I was very good at reading body language. I can honestly say that during your brief presentation my ability to read body language improved significantly. It also made me think about my body language and what I can do to improve my communications of the non-verbal sort. I thought your presentation was excellent and I would love to have my company book you for a session. I believe your message can be very valuable especially to anyone who is engaged in selling on a high level. Best of luck in your quest to enlighten!
— Randy Eigen (VP CBRE)
A great deal of what makes me a well informed film director and producer is being able to pick up on and read physical cues with ease, and thanks to Anthony’s workshops, I’ve been able to do so.
Anthony’s workshops have enabled me to give my actors well-informed direction as well as being able to walk into a business meeting with confidence.
After a few weeks of one-on-one workshops with Anthony, I feel a change in the way I approach different business situations as well as personal situations - just by being able to pickup on what the other is thinking, on a daily basis.
I would definitely recommend Anthony’s workshops to anyone who wants to gain confidence and the correct body-knowledge when interacting with anyone in any situation.

- Jarrod Hurwitz
Jahu Films LLC
Anthony’s presentation gave me a more defined insight of the impact and understanding of body language. It also heightened my ability to translate the implications of Body Language.
— Louis Mattina
Anthony is such a pleasure to work with and has a deep understanding and knowledge of body language and people. He is always thinking of creative ways to tackle problems and is a natural born teacher. Anthony is also an amazing promoter of creative solutions to large and small business problems.
— Vanessa Van Edwards, Behavioral Investigator & Author
I met Anthony at a Financial Executive networking group when he presented on the topic of Practical Body Language in the Office and I immediately approached him to present for one of my networking groups because I could see the tremendous value for my audience. Anthony is an expert in the intriguing field of body language so he was able to deliver tremendous value. He imparted the lessons in a practical and entertaining way. My audience gave a standing ovation. I highly recommend Anthony’s workshops.
— Marty Latman CFO - COO
Anthony Awerbuch is a master of body language and his passion for the subject is infectious. I thought that I was a good communicator before working with Anthony and now I am great, I learned to assess other people’s non verbal cues and to master my own. It has made a visible difference in my professional and social life.
— Moshe Rine
Anthony’s presentation on deception detection was highly relevant for our group of corporate executive recruiting leaders. His animated and engaging style had us on the edge of our seats and wanting more. I highly recommend Anthony for his recruiter-focused body language workshops. You will see your interviews and candidates in an entirely different light.
— Simon Mullins,President ESIX
“Anthony’s program was engaging, informative and fun. His insights into body language made me look at my interactions with staff and students in an entirely different way. He gave students an incredible arsenal of tools to use in job interviews that will enhance their success. We will certainly have him back in the future.
— William Hill Assistant Dean, Career Services Monmouth University

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